KONSTANTINOS ANGELAKIS © 2011 - DRAPANIAS KISAMOU CHANEA Course hours are 8: 30 - 11  &  17- 19.30 Monday - Saturday  For couples  value exists.  € per pair In the import price of EUR per person or EUR per pair include stay 7 nights in rooms with breakfast. And 30 hours of lessons hagiography The dates are likely to change if there are other people in the same new Dates If a group doesn't fill 4 people There is the possibility of getting  in other Rent a room Dates of courses and values for the year    May               June             July               September     Attention For more information contact with hagiographer  Mr Angelakis Kon. Enjoy 7 days vacation in a particular location in Drapanias Kisamou of Chania Crete and connect it with a Hagiography course given by Hagiographer Konstantinos Angelakis.The Course takes 5 hours a day from Monday to Saturday in separated groups with 4 - 9 persons. The aim of the course is to get an instruction of how to become a Hagiographer in 30 hours.You can see two examples of the images on the right side. During your lessons, you will stay in tradional rooms at the seaside village of Drapanias Kisamou in region Chania.