Personal data            Konstantinos Angelakis was born in January of 1956 in the village of Drapanias Kissamou, county of Chanea, Crete (Greece). He lives and works in Drapanias. The development He showed great talent for painting when he was only a child. He started painting  pictures but as he grew older he was attracted by Byzantine Hagiography. Under the guidance of his teacher Mr Nikos Giannakakis his talent was confirmed He has been a hagiographer since 1982.He has taken part in a lot of exhibitions at various galleries. Icons they exist in the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople . (Entrance of the Mother of God, Stavrodromion,)  The Holy Archdiocese of Crete, The Holy Metropolitan Church  Entrance of the Mother of God Chania and many churches in Crete and all Greece Icons of entire iconostases of churches St. Gerasimos Drapania Kisamos, St. Paraskeyi Drapania Kisamos, Ag. Eirini Drapania Kisamos, St. Petros and Pavlos Drapania Kisamos, Honest Cross Kalyviani Kisamos,Her birth Virgin Mary Libadi Boyta,Honest Cross Boyta, St. Ilias Platanos Boyta, St. Pantes Plakalona Kisamos,  Dodekaorta Virgin Mary Drapania Kisamos, Virgin Mary Myrtidiotisa Nopigeia (Honi), St. Nikolaos harbour Kastelioy Kisamos, He also graduated from the School of woodcarving where Mr Konstantinos Violakis was his teacher. He is excellent at sculpture, mosaic, stained-glass windows and any kind of work that demands artistic skill and professional competence.